EscarpAction Jessup’s Falls est une association communautaire sans but lucratif formée pour promouvoir et appuyer la protection et la bonne gestion de l’écosystème karstique de Jessup’s Falls et de ce fait contribuer au bien-être de tous.

EscarpAction Jessup’s Falls is a non-profit community association founded to promote and support the protection and good management of the Jessup’s Falls karst ecosystem, thereby contributing to the wellbeing of all.

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  • EscarpAction

    Bienvenue à tous! Welcome one and all!

    Ce site est axé sur une région particulière, l’escarpement karstique de Jessup’s Falls dans l’est ontarien, mais ses enjeux sont globaux. Si chacun célèbre et défend sa part locale de beauté naturelle, la pureté de son eau, la diversité de son écosystème, la terre entière s’en portera mieux. Vision globale, action locale!

    This website focusses mainly on the karst escarpment of Jessup’s Falls in Eastern Ontario but its scope is global. If we all celebrate and protect our own local bit of natural beauty, the quality of our water, the biodiversity of our region, then the whole world will benefit. Think global, act local!

  • Claude JP Barnes

    I had the pleasure of attending your fund raiser event a few months ago. I was there to film Guy Bissonnette, the auctioneer for our series LES ENCANTEURS. The series will begin to air on UNIS TV on Jan 9th. The piece we did at your event turned out very well. I can let you know exactly when it will be broadcast.
    Can you tell me approximately how much money was raised for your cause that night? Or how much the auction raised that night?
    Thank you and best wishes
    Claude Barnes
    Les Encanteurs

    • jfadmin
      jfadmin Post author

      Dear Claude,

      Thanks to you and your crew for being there. Having Guy certainly livened things up! Overall we raised about $10,000 with ticket sales, auctions and donations. Guy helped us raise $850 of that, not counting those who may have decided to show up just to watch him do his thing!

      Looking forward to watching Les Encanteurs in January!